When Rocky Point was Radio Central

Bob Lundquist – Part I

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Bob Lundquist – Part II

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Robert Lundquist was station engineer at the vast RCA transmitting station at Rocky Point known the world over as Radio Central. In this two-part interview he provides a crash course in the history, development, and technology of radio. You’ll also hear about the history of RCA, David Sarnoff, Guglielmo Marconi, and the role of Sputnik in the demise of Radio Central.

Among the memories Bob shares are the the day in 1978 when Governor Hugh Carey accepted the property (along with the RCA station in Riverhead) on behalf of New York State, along with the time he had to decide the fate of Marconi’s shack, an important relic of Long Island’s radio history.

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  1. Connie Currie

    Listening to this again, I am so pleased that Mr. Lundquist gives such a great description of just what Radio was, what it accomplished, and its place in history. Radio, in its early years, through the wars and in peace played and still plays such an important part in what Long Island was and is.